The Green Agenda

The Green Agenda

is a programme in which knowledge institutes and entrepreneurs develop and test innovative green concepts.

The objective is that entrepreneurs from the sector use these new concepts to create new earning opportunities for themselves.

The Green City foundation has a leading and facilitating role in this programme. It brings together entrepreneurs in the green sector and knowledge institutes and facilitates them in developing their green concepts and earning models. In doing so, we collaborate with Royal Flora Holland.

From knowledge to practice

Over the next decades, society will face:

  • More extreme weather patterns
  • An aging population
  • Increasing urbanisation

Parallel to this will be a decrease in the quality of housing and work and living areas which will negatively affect people’s health and well-being. Green can be part of the solution to these types of problems. The positive effects of green have been demonstrated in several studies. The Green Agenda programme can now translate this knowledge into expertise and earning models. The programme has a duration of five years.

Publications about The Green Agenda:

Our projects:

Ecosystem services of tree nursery products

The ‘Ecosystem services of tree nursery products’ project develops instruments that allow the advantages of green to be better taken into consideration in the decision making process.


From Green to Healthy

The ‘From Green to Healthy’ project maps all the available knowledge, nationally and internationally, about the effects of green on people.


Green for grey

This project will map and quantify the effects of green on the quality of life of those suffering different stages of dementia.


Green health check

This project looks at the development of a tool that includes a spatial system that demonstrates the added value of green.


Green healthy hospitals

This project maps the effects of green in and around hospitals on the health and well-being of patients, personnel and visitors.


Plants for a good indoor climate

This project quantifies the costs and benefits of green solutions in buildings in a way that changes the view of plants as “costs” into “cost saving”.


Plant champion air purification of indoor spaces

Which plant is the best at purifying the air in indoor spaces? With the Plant Champion Project we want to explore which types of plants work best at this.


Green Healthy Students

In this project we explore the effectiveness of a greener and healthier design of the study environment in terms of lifestyle, psychological, emotional, physical and cognitive well-being.