Green will keep the urban economy healthy

For managers and officials wondering if the proceeds of an investment in urban nature can outweigh the inevitable costs, a calculation model has been developed by order of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. ‘TEEB-Stad’ (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in the city) is an analytical tool, based on a social cost-benefit analysis. It gives a better insight in the results of measures like extra trees or green roofs on public health, saving energy or water storage.

With the help of ‘TEEB-Stad’ you can measure the benefits relating to an improved environment for businesses and homes alike, besides the economic gain for the green industry. After all, green companies and offices offer a more pleasant working environment, which results into a more positive work attitude and a higher productivity. Well-kept plants and trees will lead to a higher value of homes. The difference, as compared to similar dwellings, could be between 4 and 30%.