Stepping Stone Cities? Exploring Urban Greening and Gardening as a Viable Contribution to Global Biodiversity Conservation, C. Beumer (2014)

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t can be said that cities may become important ‘hubs’ for local and global biodiversity in an urbanising world. Urban based conservation offers a great potential for increasing the quantity and quality of local and global green infrastructures. Equally important: citizen creativity and engagement offers a wide range of additional strategies, tools and practices to the conservation field: urban greening and gardening practices have many forms and features and are limited only by the limits of the human creative potential. Some caution should also be considered: urban based conservation can never replace the efforts undertaken to protect the few wild areas still left on the Earth. However, in the end Stepping Stone Cities may become important hubs in a global network of ecocultural creativity that enables a sustainable future for biodiversity and life on earth.

Stepping Stone Cities?