Impact of urbanization on US surface climate, Lahouari Bounoua, Ping Zhang, Georgy Mostovoy, Kurtis Thome, Jeffrey Masek, Marc Imhoff, Marshall Shepherd, Dale Quattrochi, Joseph Santanello, Julie Silva

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NASA’s scientists don’t spend all of their time gazing up at the stars, and one of the agency’s latest studies┬áto date concerns the essential role that foliage plays in keeping our cities cool. Trees and plants not only offer somewhere to sit in the shade on a sunny day, they affect the overall temperature of a city at its surface, which is something to think about the next time you’re considering moving neighbourhoods.

This is partly due to a process called evapotranspiration: trees release water vapour in a similar way to humans releasing sweat, through the stomata (or pores) of their leaves and stems. This is a well-known process, but the NASA study takes this further to examine how it might affect the urban temperature compared with the environment that surrounds it.

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