Green City: Why nature matters to health – An Evidence Review, Tara Zupancic, Marianne Kingsley, Timothy Jason, Ronald Macfarlane

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Abundant, diverse and well maintained green spaces are important features of a healthy city. Green space is a term that refers to a wide variety of natural and landscaped areas both publicly and privately owned. It includes parks, ravines, school yards, private yards, street trees, landscaped open spaces along streets and around buildings, cemeteries and green roofs.

Having access to and using green spaces promotes physical activity and improves health and wellbeing. The presence of green space is associated with reduced mortality, obesity, depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease and small for gestational age births. It also provides places for stress reduction, mental restoration and social interactions.

The study shows that both small and large green spaces contribute to better health. There is also evidence that vulnerable groups, such as people with low income and children, gain the most benefit from increased access to green spaces.

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