About us

With the term ‘The Green City’ we express our desire to strive for a more attractive and healthy environment. We aim to encourage ‘greener thinking’ by providing information, discussing successful examples from the daily practice and sharing new scientific insights. For this reason, we regularly publish new data. Through social media we draw your attention to our site, where we post the latest articles, reports, images, et cetera.

Our target group

We focus on policymakers, politicians, counsellors and companies that are professionally involved in planning and developing urban areas. In short: we focus on everybody who affects the outlook of our environment. This also includes interested citizens. We aim to contribute to a better use of ‘green’. This could contribute to solving problems with polluted air and water, preventing social decline and urban decay, and making the city healthier and more attractive. We also want to ensure the economic development of the urban area continues. This requires innovative spatial planning on local, national and international levels.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of The Green City is comprehensive. One of the first things catching our eye is green in the public space. But there are many more aspects. Just think of the grass and shrubs surrounding schools and institutions, plants in and around the workplace, private gardens, et cetera. We also gain more insight in the role vegetation can play in fighting small-particle pollution and as natural windbreaking and sound-insulating elements; in one word: shelterbelts.

Well-kept green areas in the right place are a very profitable investment. Not only will citizens feel happier in a green environment, it can also result in actual financial benefits.

This makes green not an expensive luxury item, but a very profitable investment. Keep this in mind when you check our website. You will discover there are many benefits on a social, cultural and economic level. You will discover many examples of social and economic benefits. Green is good!

The organisations below support The Green City:

  • LTO, Agricultural and Horticultural Organization, department of Nursery stock and Perennials
  • Anthos, Royal Trade Association for Nursery Stock and Flower Bulb


Visit the Dutch branch of The Green City, De Groene Stad