You can climb through the trees in this innovative tubular forest skywalk

#Children and green #trees

The Tube Merano installation at the spring festival in South Tyrol, Italy kicks the classic pastime of climbing trees up a few notches. Numen / For Use created an intricate pathway of netted tubing affixed right into the treetops to let local residents explore the forest from a new and exhilarating point of view.

The designers, invited by the Italian curatorial team BAU, were excited to be a part of the Art & Nature festival. This year the theme is “Walking with Senses,” which inspired the team to develop a way for visitors to become more deeply in touch with nature and to see the world how the trees see it.

Tube Merano is strung together using anchoring points both on the ground below and the trees above, so no additional structures were needed. The model features only five anchoring points in the trees, meaning the installation has minimal impact on its surroundings. The netting is wide enough for both adults and children to explore, spiraling upward into the forest. Tube Merano will be an interactive display at the festival until June, 2016.