Three mini forests are popping up in the middle of London

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Designer Asif Khan partnered with MINI do create a three-part installation that explores urban living. The three, plant-filled rooms named Connect, Create and Relax will be installed across Shoreditch during this year’s London Design Festival.

The designs, collectively called Forests, are part of a larger project MINI Living, organized by the car company as an exploration of the future of urban living. The Connect room will act as a space where visitors and passers-bys can socialize, while the Create Space will be a flexible workspace, the interior of which can be designed by visitors themselves. The Relax Space will be dedicated to relaxation.

Khan used plants to explore the relationship between public and private space in the city and the potentials of informal spaces to encourage city dwellers to socialize the partake in communal activities. The installation will be open to the public between 17 and 25 September, 2016.