Green questions to …Egbert Roozen – Director VHG

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Egbert Roozen
Director VHG Association

1. Why do you feel it is important that the Green City has been given a new lease on life?

On the one hand The Green City is an objective: we feel that cities in the Netherlands, or urban areas in general, need to become greener. In order to achieve this we have collected several arguments and motivations that we wish to bring to the attention of decisionmakers in the political, government and corporate worlds. I see this ‘new lease on life’ as a further means of professionalization of our green message and the cooperation with all parties involved in the green theme.

2. What are the main goals for The Green City for VHG?

We mainly see ‘The Green City’ as a collaborative effort of the green industry in the Netherlands and many green stakeholders that spread our message. Our ambition is to contribute to a more well-advised application of ‘green’. This asks for innovation in planological thinking, both on a local, national and international level. By educating, putting successful examples in the spotlight and sharing the latest scientific insights, we want to encourage ‘greener thinking’. In short: ‘The Green City’ is for the general good and complements the efforts of the green industry.

3. What is the role that VHG plays?

Answer: As horticulturalists we strongly adhere to a professional approach of making our cities and towns more green. I mean, you won’t get there, as a city council, to just order some shrubs, plants and trees. They will have to be put in the right spot and planted well and have to be taken care of. This is the core business of our members and this is what we wish to express mostly. In that sense the horticulturalists, i.e. the VHG, will play a connective role for all suppliers of the green industry, as well as the clients and the end users.