The Green City inspired by succesful second edition of TEDxZwolle

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On January 28th the second edition of TEDxZwolle took place at ‘Buitensocieteit Zwolle’. This inspiring event in the spirit of the TED philosophy of ‘ideas worth spreading’, was all about climate active cities. Fourteen (inter)national speakers shared their vision on climate, water management and sustainability with the crowd.


Superstorms, heavy rains or extreme drought: there is no about it that our climate is changing. New, smart solutions are needed to make our cities water- and climate-proof. During TEDxZwolle 2015, quite a few pioneers in these fields presented their ideas.

One of the speakers, journalist Tracy Metz, showed a couple of Dutch innovations during her presentation: ranging from the Watersquare in Rotterdam to the integrated urban water-management methods in the city of Kampen. Another interesting key note speaker was Henk Ovink, senior advisor to president Obama in the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force. His TEDxTalk was about the efforts of the New York/New Jersey region to rebuild the area in a climate-proof way after hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Green climate-proof cities

After the break, Niek Roozen – an internationally renowned Dutch landscape architect and one of the founding fathers of the Green City philosophy, entered the stage. Roozen talked about his green designs for Chinese metropoles. He showed the crowd a China which we do not see every day. Huge city parks which are built in less than two years, provide a reduction of the urban heat island effect in the crowded, hot cities. Roozen’s TEDxTalk popped up the question whether the Chinese approach could be an exemplar for the rest of the world.