Rotterdam’s new Parkstad development puts urban parks on every block

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Rotterdam just unveiled plans for its new Parkstad residential development, which will consolidate three large city blocks and form parks in the heart of each one. Undulating landscapes, vegetables gardens and play areas for kids will dominate the three parks, while warm-toned wood and brick facades will ensure harmony between the built and natural environment.

Real estate companies Stevast Baas & Groen and Syntrus Achmea commissioned DELVA Landscape Architects and Powerhouse Company to design a new layout for a large residential area on Rotterdam’s Laan op Zuid avenue, part of the Afrikaanderwijk neighborhood which lies in the Feijenoord district of the city.

The team’s proposal won the tender for Parkstad in South Rotterdam, and will provide 250 owner-occupied and rental dwellings organized around three unique urban parks.