New ‘bug hotels’ mimic natural insect environment

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Students at the University of Leicester are helping to build ‘bug hotels’ to provide some natural habitats for insects.

The hotels which are intended to mimic their natural environments using harmless waste materials, are part of an initiative between the university’s environmental team and its Environmental Action student society.

The university is planning to create two bug hotels on the Fielding Johnson Building lawn at the University of Leicester and Blackthorn Manor, Oadby, Leicester. They will add to the four that currently exist in the city – two in Brookfield Campus at the University of Leicester, one in Victoria Park – which is adjacent to the university’s main campus and one in Scraptoft Valley Primary School.Zoe Thomson, from the university’s of environmental team, said: “Insects have been shown to be invaluable to the planet, fulfilling a number of roles within the environment including eating pests, pollinating plants, contributing to ecosystems and attracting other wildlife such as birds.