New Budapest museum will feature a sweeping green roof

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The Museum of Ethnography in Budapest, Hungary is getting a modern facelift, complete with a green roof that will double as a park for visitors. Napur Architect was selected to design the new building, which will be part of a giant museum complex at the heart of the city.

The firm calls the project The Gate of the City Park and it is expected to open in 2019. Architects István Ferencz, Marcel Ferencz and György Détári take pride in the project’s striking design, shaped much like a skateboard ramp and intended to give visitors ample space both indoors and outdoors.

A green roof will adorn the site, meant to serve as an open gathering space for the public and frame an existing monument for the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. The interior will feature several floors devoted to exhibitions and an open area in the center of the museum. The architects said, “The physical and visual division of the building into two parts expresses the duality of the basic function, and also reflects the surrounding city fabric.”