Moffett Place High Garden rooftop park replaces an underused parking deck in Silicon Valley

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DES Architects + Engineers just completed the two-acre Moffett Place High Garden in Sunnyvale, California – one of the region’s largest elevated parks. The gorgeous rooftop park replaces an underutilized parking deck and transforms the area into a green urban oasis.

The park is one of the central amenities to the Moffett Place campus, which was recently leased to Google as the 2nd largest office project under construction in Silicon Valley. The park covers a two-level parking structure and features a variety of recreational spaces, including basketball and volleyball courts. These active spaces are complemented by an elliptical running track that runs the perimeter of the park and doubles as the main circulation path. A community vegetable garden and meditation spaces are combined with rows of bamboo to provide different environments for the community.

A variety of native and adapted grasses, shrubs and vines celebrate the diversity of the Californian landscape. Cape reed and feather reed grass, among other species, attract insects and birds while providing food and habitat. Grey water is used where irrigation is required and sourced from a stormwater management system that also helps reduce the heat island effect.