iVerde and FloraHolland join forces for a green environment

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A healthy environment for everybody – children, adults, working as well as elderly people, is the goal of a series of projects organised by iVerde, in cooperation with FloraHolland, the cooperative uniting Dutch suppliers and exporters of floricultural products. iVerde is a platform uniting Anthos (floriculture), VHG (landscapers) and LTO (entrepreneursin in horticulture), aiming at the enhancement of awareness and appreciation of ‘green’ in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

In september 2014 iVerde and FloraHolland agreed to cooperate , working together for a green and healthy environment for people to live and work in. Early this month iVerde and FloraHolland received the ´Green Light´ as well as the funding for the campaign.

Focus of the campaign will be ´green’ in and around the built environment, based on the positive effects of ‘green’ for human health and well being. Individual projects aim at, for instance, replacing ‘grey’ (i.e. paving stones) with ‘green’(i.e. gardens).

FloraHolland en iVerde stress the need for more trees, plants and flowers in the environment, in order to balance the global negative effects of climate change, the aging population and growing urbanisation.