Indoor Plant Care – A Great Way to Learn!

Teaching the children about the environment is a crucial step in tackling climate change. In the future, it will be their responsibility to make sure they and the generations after take care of our planet. It can be difficult however, to decide where to begin, what to teach when the topic is the nature. It is indeed an extensive topic.
Montessori method, named after the Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori, emphasizes the importance of activities and play for child development, especially for children’s natural abilities and learning process. According to, children can learn great deal about the environment and nature by taking care of an indoor plant. This can be done as early as when the toddler is 18-months-old. Starting with simple watering using a little pitcher, plant caring can help your child develop a sense of responsibility and your supervision can guarantee a healthy future for your plant.
There are more benefits of looking after an indoor plant for the development of your child. Kids can observe the changes happening to your plant during this caring process. Through observation the toddler will understand that in the absence of water, the plant will change colors and eventually die. This shows them the significance of their role and the watering process. No doubt such care will lead to connection and love for the plant. In the end, it is in your hands to turn this into a teamwork activity where you and your child can have fun learning about plants. Since the parents are heroes in the eyes of children, the cooperation between you and your child can create a productive atmosphere for learning.
It is very important for kids to acquire a sense of responsibility for our nature at an early stage. Looking after indoor plants can be an easy start to the process. When choosing your plants, make sure to include varieties, show them what our world has to offer.