Ho Chi Minh City: bamboo provides shade and cool air

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Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, used to be a pleasant green city. The Vietnam War that ended in 1975 and the following reconstruction and economic growth changed the city into a busy modern metropole. Its 8 million inhabitants live in a booming city, with the inevitable lack of green space and fresh air. In order to protect inhabitants from those negative effects Vo Trong Nghia architects, well known for their ‘green’ ideas, designed a complex of three green condominium buildings, connected by a common roof garden; the building is now underway.

The buildings that will accommodate 720 families, are all covered with green. Boxes with bamboo trees will cover the facades. The common roof of the complex will be an urban garden, not only providing the inhabitants with an place to walk and relax, but also contributing to the greening of the urban landscape in Ho Chi Minh City. The bamboo covered facades of the 22 storey high buildings will have a cooling effect on the apartments, shading the residents from the tropical sunlight. Details of the project and wonderful pictures of the buildings and the roof garden are to be found on the website of Designboom, the Milanese internet newsletter for architecture and design.