Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity plan for Barcelona

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Barcelona is committed to preserving and enhancing the natural heritage present in the city to enable each and every one of us to benefit from and enjoy it. To achieve this in a systematic manner, the city of Barcelona has drawn up a Barcelona Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Plan setting out the goals the city aims to reach and the various lines of action to engage in with a view to reaching said goals. It is vital to strive towards a city where nature and urbanity converge and enhance one another, where green infrastructure attains connectivity and where green heritage achieves continuity with the natural area surrounding it. The aim is not for nature in the city to form a map of isolated spots;rather,we seek to forge a genuine network of green spaces. This greenery must be conceived as green infrastructure forming part and parcel of the city, serving an environmental and a social function.

Read about the goals, strategic lines and actions plan in this summary.