Green City fences for the Jaarbeursplein

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In the very center of the city of Utrecht, itself located in the very centre of the Netherlands, the Jaarbeurs Utrecht is the largest trade fair complex of the Netherlands. As part of a reconstruction of the whole area Utrecht Centraal, the Jaarbeursplein will get a face lift. While the building of (among other things) an underground parking garage is underway, a group of Utrecht companies, united in the Green Business Club, will give the hundreds of meters of building fences a green outlook.

Hundreds of meters of flower boxes, provided with a special irrigation system, will colour the Jaarbeursplein while the building goes on, probably tot another two years. The first boxes were installed on September 16th. The Green City Fence is one of the projects the Green Business Club Utrecht Centraal has initiated in order to enhance the green, environmental quality of the Utrecht City Center.