Giant green roof to top MVRDV’s redesign of Lyon’s iconic Part-Dieu mall

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MVRDV has unveiled designs to revamp Lyon’s iconic Part-Dieu shopping center with an avant-garde facade that appears to “evaporate” in select areas. The major redesign will expand the existing building footprint and house a mixture of commercial, leisure, as well as newly created public space. In addition to strengthened connections with the public realm, the renovated mall will be topped with a vast publicly accessible green roof directly accessible from the street.

MVRDV’s redesign of Lyon’s Part-Dieu shopping center focuses on improving the building’s relationship with the surrounding urban fabric by introducing a more porous facade and welcoming green space. New landscaped walkways and visible green space extend the public realm from the street level to the complex, which will offer its landscaped roofs as publicly accessible parks. The shopping mall will also be restructured to improve access to surrounding facilities, such as the library and the Part-Dieu train station.

The mall facade will also receive a major facelift. The formerly beige concrete panels will be painted with a dirt-repelling white coating. Panels will be carefully removed in certain areas of the building and reused to clad the new extensions; a glazed facade will replace the areas where paneling is removed to evoke the appearance that the panels are “evaporating.” The glazed areas also promote a sense of permeability and transparency, and allow natural light to pour into the building.

“The terraces turn the vast roofs of the shopping centre into open, green space in which the public can meet and relax; a quality that is currently missing in this area,” said MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas. “By rearranging the programme, we create an urban platform that is somewhere between tranquil park and vibrant market square, recreating an atmosphere inspired by the Lyon river side.” Restaurants, cafes, and bars will be accessible from the terraces and rooftop gardens.