From old industrial city to a green peninsula

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Dutch architects have developed a master plan to preserve a former industrial town in France by the realization of plants, new housing, facilities and transportation. 

The Dutch architectural firm MVRDV has done two years of research into the development of the master plan for the French town of Caen in the Normandy region. According to the architects, the local ecology of the city was polluted by industrial activities that took place in the seventies and eighties.

With the masterplan La Grande Mosaique, 600 hectares of the former industrial city will be made sustainable with new homes, offices, facilities and transportation. In this plan, the architects have taken the local ecology in account by placing trees and plants to absorb CO2 emissions.

Old and new

For the development of La grande Mosaique MVRDV will use a specifically developed method for spatial planning. This method is used by architects to create secondary road networks and public spaces that need to connect existing structures together.

In addition, the method must preserve the historic buildings of the city and combine it with new elements. The architects have already started with several construction projects in the master plan, including the construction of a new library and courthouse.