Green questions to… Henk Westerhof- Chairman Anthos

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1. Why do you feel it is important that the Green City has been given a new lease on life?

We, the green industry, have noticed it isn’t enough to supply excellent products only. It is important to make sure the rest of the world, especially decision makers in government and industry who have to make those choices in the field of environmental management, get convinced of the added value of ‘green’. It works best if the green industry cooperates and shows its face and vision collectively. The theme of ‘The Green City’ is extremely suitable for it.

2. What are the main goals for The Green City for Anthos?

Anthos is mainly concerned about drawing the attention of people and organizations which bear wider responsibilities and aren’t focused on the possibilities of ‘green’ day after day, to our good cause. It seems so obvious to us and our colleagues: of course ‘green’ is indispensable. In order to inform and, if necessary, convince the rest of society, decision makers I previously discussed, a professional communication is required which, because of its reputation, has to concentrate on one clear and recognizable theme.

3. What is the role that Anthos plays?

Obviously Anthos is mainly concerned about the crucial role tree nursery- and bulb products has to play in the ‘mix’ of green activities of environmental managers – to private persons with their front gardens or flower boxes. Awakening, awareness, that’s what it is all about. Besides, we would like to emphasize that The Green City is a cooperation of all relevant sectors within the Dutch green industry. For this reason we, tree nursery sector together with gardeners, have founded IVerde; this association is responsible for propagating the ‘green’ message. We help each other, need each other, as suppliers and service providers. Showing that one face, is essential for effective communication.

4. What are the ambitions of The Green City ?

Worldwide, The Netherlands are known as the best, biggest exporter of plants, trees, bulbs, flowers and related services. We all know the examples. Yet, in various metropolises ‘green’ can play a much bigger role in making and keeping the urban area liveable. Inhabitants of those metropolises attach more and more value to health and wellbeing, as they don’t want to live in a non-green or polluted environment anymore. As urbanization increases, the demand for green will increase as well. Informing foreign target groups, is a task for The Green City. It is not easy, it’s a big world and one has to focus, select. Yet, chances, thus challenges, are huge. Let’s go for it!