Factsheets explain and underscore positive effects of a green environment

Everybody knows about the good, positive effects a green environment has for our human well being – at home, in our working environment and in public spaces. More and more public planners, entrepreneurs and private home owners include greenery in their planning. Landscaping and gardening contractors are the people we turn to, whenever green planning is needed.

The Green City, the international cooperation of green entrepreneurs, based in the Netherlands (where else…), just published a series of factsheets concerning the social, economic and health aspects of investing in a green environment. The publications provide food for thought and discussions, based on scientific research, about effects of the use of green elements from five point of view.

  1. Greenery and Residential
  2. Green and Healthcare
  3. Green, more than beauty and health
  4. Greenery and Education
  5. Greenery and Work

Henk Westerhof, president of The Green City, sees the five green factsheets as a way to stress the importance of communication in and from the green sector.

Copies of the five factsheets can be seen via http://thegreencity.com/factsheets/