European Comission promotes Green Infrastructure projects

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Climate change is one of the main policy issues of the present European Commission and promoting Green Infrastructure (GI) is seen as a significant contribution in this field. In these words Strahil Christov, representing the directorate-general of the Environment of the European Commission at the Urban Green Infrastructure Conference in Vienna, underlined  the importance of Green Infrastructure. 

He explained how  Green Infrastructure fits in a number of EU-policy goals: Sustainable growth and jobs; Cohesion, regional and rural development; Urban policy, Climate change mitigation and adaptation; Disaster risk reduction and management; Agriculture/forestry and the environment.

The EU strategy in the field of Green Infrastructure consists of four main elements, Christov pointed out:

  • Promoting Green Infrastructure in main EU policy areas
  • Supporting EU-level GI-projects
  • Improving access to finance for GI-projects
  • Improving information and promoting innovation in the field of GI.