Big green roof in Silicon Valley

#green roof #silicon valley

Rotterdam is proud to have within its city limits, in a working class area, one of the biggest rooftop parks in Europe. American architects Rafael Viñoly en Olin Landscape Architects together with developers Sand Hill Property Company have designed a rooftop park, to be built in Cupertino near San Francisco (Ca.), that will be 50% bigger in square feet than the one in Rotterdam. The designers expect the shopping centre The Hills at Vallco to provide energy saving (because of the isolating properties of the park) as well as cleaner air. Just like the rooftop park in Rotterdam the one in Cupertino will be accessible for the general public, with cycling- and footpaths.

One big difference: Rotterdam’s rooftop park was opened for the public in 2013, for the one in Cupertino the initiators hope to receive a building permit sometime in 2016.