Atlanta Develops Citywide Green Infrastructure Action Plan

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The city’s Department of Watershed Management has developed a plan to reduce stormwater runoff by 225 million gallons annually.

“The Green Infrastructure Strategic Action Plan aligns with Mayor Kasim Reed’s goal of making Atlanta a top-tier city in sustainability,” says Watershed Management Commissioner Jo Ann Macrina. “Under the plan, we will better manage stormwater runoff through a cost-effective grey and green infrastructure design and increase green space development in urban communities.”

Green infrastructure provides an alternative to traditional pipe replacement by incorporating elements designed to mimic nature to more effectively manage urban stormwater and reduce flooding, erosion and sewer overflows. In addition to increased capacity relief, green infrastructure provides community amenities and enhancements.

The city hopes to become a leader in green infrastructure through the successful adoption of the nation’s most far-reaching post-development stormwater ordinance and the completion of the 2-acre Historic Fourth Ward Pond. Currently more than 10 green infrastructure projects are underway in the city, including the largest permeable paver retrofit project in North America under construction in Peoplestown, Summerhill and Mechanicsville.