An amazing new project is taking place to redesign the Broad Walk of London

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Kew’s Broad Walk is undergoing a complete redesign to create stunning new herbaceous borders, full of vibrant summer flowers and topiary trees. There’s also the unique opportunity to sponsor one of 18 new benches to be placed along the borders.

Kew is embarking on a major new project to create the longest double herbaceous borders in the UK. Stretching for over 300 metres along either side of the Broad Walk from the Orangery to the Palm House Pond, these borders will be planted with swathes of vibrant summer flowering perennials, grasses and bulbs to form a spectacular new horticultural feature. Selected plants from Kew’s botanical collections will also be incorporated into the planting design. The first phase of this project is the resurfacing of the Broad Walk path with a resin bound gravel surface, edged with brick.

The Broad Walk is currently closed while this resurfacing work takes place and improved drainage is added. The path is due to reopen in mid-April, after which an irrigation system will be installed and then a green manure crop sown, to enrich the soil ready for planting. New plants will begin to arrive in autumn 2015 and planting will continue until early summer 2016. Topiary yew pyramids will be planted along each side of the path to emphasise perspective and give some evergreen structure to the scheme. The completed borders can be enjoyed from July 2016 and in subsequent years as the planting establishes and matures.

This redevelopment is being funded through generous private donations, and a grant from Defra for the resurfacing of the path.